Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cardinal Kasper: Pope sees married priests debate ‘positively,’ seeks proposals from bishops’ conferences

From Life Site-

German Cardinal Walter Kasper says Pope Francis wants bishops' conferences to submit to him proposals for ordaining married men.

Kasper said this in an interview with Katholisch.de, the official website of the German bishops' conference. Dr. Maike Hickson at One Peter Five translated his remarks.

There is an "urgent need for action" on the question of married priests, Kasper said. Previous discussions on this topic were "not approved officially by Rome," but now the pope is open to the question. Kasper noted Pope Francis hasn't said where he stands on this, but said he views the discussion "positively."

"This discussion is very urgent" given the shortage of priests in Germany, according to Kasper. The entire country only has 40 candidates for the priesthood; in liberal Cardinal Reinhard Marx's archdiocese, there's only one.

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