Thursday, April 13, 2017

First African-American woman on New York’s highest court, Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, found dead on Hudson River shore

From The Daily News-

Abdus-Salaam and the Rev. Gregory Jacobs wed last June at the Greater Newark Conservancy, according to a marriage announcement.

Jacobs, who works for the Episcopal Archdiocese of Newark, stopped by Abdus-Salaam’s Harlem brownstone Wednesday evening, accompanied by detectives.

Neighbor and friend Deborah Audate said the couple maintained separate residences, but spent time together on weekends.

“Even though she was an appellate judge, which is a position of high authority, she was just an ordinary person on the block,” Audate said. “She’s just very smart. She really was a very humble person.

“She’s very well respected on this block. I think we’re still stunned by it,” she added.

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AJ Weberman said...

Boy he sure was on the case. She is gone a few hours and he calls the cops. He did it.