Friday, May 5, 2017

“Awakening the Spirit” Event in Springfield Aims Strengthen Community

From West Missouri-

Springfield has played host to several political rallies and marches in recent months, with crowds ranging from the dozens to thousands. This weekend, an event entitled “Awakening the Spirit” is projected to draw people from across the region.

It’s designed to build a stronger community, says Rev. Martin S. Fields, the bishop of the West Diocese of Missouri.

“We’re trying to be hosts to folks who just perhaps need a lift, perhaps need an opportunity to explore anew the fact that what can  be an awfully hard, tough life in this world can actually be lived with joy if we find joy in one another and we build relationships with one another.”

Fields is one of many scheduled speakers at Sunday’s event, with the Most Rev. Bishop Michael Curry to deliver the keynote address.

Curry, elected in 2015, is the presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church. He’ll be speaking in Springfield a day after a similar event Saturday in Kansas City.

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