Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Church of Ireland General Synod to debate same-sex marriage

From Ireland-

The Church of Ireland is to debate and vote upon a motion on same-sex unions at its general synod in Co Limerick this week. The general synod is the main decision-making body of the Church of Ireland, meeting once a year. 

A private member’s motion is set to be debated on Friday, calling for the church to acknowledge the “injury felt by members of the church who enter into loving, committed and legally recognised, same-sex relationships, due to the absence of provision for them to mark that key moment in their lives publicly and prayerfully in church”. The motion also “respectfully requests the House of Bishops to investigate a means to develop sensitive, local pastoral arrangements for public prayer and thanksgiving with same-sex couples at these key moments in their lives, and to present their ideas to general synod 2018, with a view to making proposals at general synod 2019.”
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