Thursday, June 29, 2017


From The Living Church-

The attorney who is prosecuting disciplinary proceedings against Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles has called for a forensic audit of a corporate entity controlled entirely by Bruno, whom he describes as “a rogue bishop.” It marks a sharp escalation of the battle over the imminent sale of a huge padlocked church near the Newport Beach waterfront.

A forensic audit is a rigorous examination of financial records conducted, among other reasons, to gather evidence of suspected fraud or embezzlement.

Jerry Coughlan, a local lawyer serving as Church Attorney on behalf of the Episcopal Church, wrote that Bruno’s “most recent conduct is simply one more manifestation of his arrogant belief that the Episcopal Church has no rights over him and Corp Sole.” Corp Sole, which holds title to the church in question, is a corporation allowed under California law that has only one officer and director: the incumbent Bishop of Los Angeles, currently Bruno.

Bruno’s counsel, Vice Chancellor Julie Dean Larsen, wrote this week that the “confidential sale of the NPB Property is not contrary to any order, representation, or understanding given by the Presiding Bishop, the Conference Panel or the Hearing Panel in this proceeding. … The Bishop and the staff of the [Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles] made no representation that the property would be maintained in ‘status quo.’”

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