Saturday, July 1, 2017

Episcopal Migration Ministries’ director responds to travel ban’s ‘relationship’ stipulation

From ENS-

The Rev. E. Mark Stevenson, director of Episcopal Migration Ministries, issued the following statement June 30 in response to the “relationship” stipulation in the Trump administration’s executive order banning the entry of foreign nationals. 

A Response to the Administration’s Decision on Relationships

The Reverend Canon E. Mark Stevenson

Director, Episcopal Migration Ministries

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court issued a decision regarding the litigation around the president’s executive order banning entry into this country of certain foreign nationals and halting for a time the welcoming of refugees. The Court seemed to stake out a position that the president has the right to do these two things but that he has to take a number of things – particularly relationships – into account when implementing policy. I wrote at the time that we would need to wait for the logistics to be sorted. Little did I expect that the sorting would become a tool to tear apart relationships, and to further propagate a false narrative about people who have fled violence and persecution.

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