Friday, June 30, 2017

Sitting in a pew -- I'm the worst!

From Clergy Confidential-

Sitting in a pew -- I'm the worst!

I'm lousy at sitting in pews.

Of course as a "professional" church goer, I don't do it very often. On Sunday mornings I strut around the altar in fancy vestments, stand in the pulpit for 10-12 minutes, and sit only when other people are doing liturgical things -- like reading from the Bible or singing a choral anthem.

But as Summer rolls around and vacation looms, I'll be spending a few weeks sitting in pews at some yet-to-be-determined churches. And I'll again realize just how easily annoyed I can be. Uncharitable thoughts inevitable arise. Like:

"I can't believe how many typos are in this bulletin. 'The Lard be with you?!' Come on!" 

"That is not the proper order in which to light the altar candles. What kind of liturgical yahoo trained this acolyte anyway?"  

"If this hymn was played any slower, I swear I'd fall asleep standing up." 

"Would it be rude to yell, 'I object!' in the middle of this vaguely heretical sermon?"

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