Monday, June 26, 2017

When Millenials Get Married

From Patheos-

Complaining is one of my most obvious spiritual gifts, my special charism, if you will. And two of the things I like to complain about most are first, the state of evangelicalism in America, and second, weddings.

Now, in principle, I am for weddings. It’s an idea I can get behind. Two people in love, beautiful dress, gorgeous flowers, a lovely party with friends–a wedding is not one of those dark moments of life, like trudging through the grocery aisle trying to decide what to cook because everyone has to eat…again. So, in theory, I am for weddings.

In practice, though, they can be kind of overwhelming. Especially when they pile themselves up in front of you. Every wedding we do at Good Shepherd involves six hours of pre marriage ‘counseling,’ but really more a mixture of biblical instruction and making sure the couple is walking in the right direction. Then there’s the rehearsal, and the service, and the party, and eventually you find me wandering around the nave with my shoes off, watering the plants, and explaining to various people to whom I haven’t been properly introduced, who therefore don’t know why I’m chattering at them, that I really, when it comes down to it, prefer a funeral.

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