Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Archbishop says 'follow your conscience' as South Africa prepares for Zuma vote

From ACNS-

Anglican leaders in Cape Town have joined a coalition of civil society and faith-based communities in calling for South African politicians to “vote their conscience” when the country's parliament debates a motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma this week.

The ruling African National Congress has instructed its members of parliament to vote against the opposition motion but a handful have given notice that they plan to defy the party. The possibility of others joining them was strengthened on Monday when the Speaker announced that she would allow a secret ballot when Parliament votes on the motion. The vote is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday).

The Right Revd Garth Counsell, Bishop of Table Bay (Cape Town), represented Archbishop Thabo Makgoba at a march on Monday led by the #UniteBehind coalition of faith communities and civil society organisations.

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