Monday, August 7, 2017

Episcopal diocese foundation earmarks $100,000 for suicide prevention

From Wyoming-

The Rev. Doug Wasinger doesn’t remember the date, but he remembers the message. It was startling, like jumping into a cold pool. It was given at the annual convention of the Episcopal Churches of Wyoming. The Right Rev. John Smylie, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming, stepped up to the microphone.

“There is a scourge in Wyoming, and it needs to be addressed,” Smylie said. “It’s called suicide.”

For the past three years, the diocese has promoted a faith-based approach to suicide prevention across the state. The diocese saw those prevention efforts as a calling.

Wyoming continually ranks among the top five states with the highest suicide rate. Why that’s the case isn’t fully understood, but what suicide prevention specialists do know is that the suicide rate falls when communities have a strong support system.

Earlier this year, the Wyoming Legislature cut Wyoming Health Department prevention-related funding by $2 million. In turn, the department was forced to cut funds for community-based suicide prevention services.

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