Thursday, August 10, 2017

Catholic and Anglican leaders and Wodonga evangelical church chief give views on gay marriage postal vote process

From Australia-

THE Catholic bishop for North East Victoria is praying for respectful debate over gay marriage, while his Anglican peer fears a postal vote will be “very destructive”.

Catholic Bishop Les Tomlinson said his church remained committed to wedlock being between a man and a woman but wanted all people treated with “dignity and respect”.

“As the secular society seeks to answer the question as to whether it

Anglican Bishop of Wangaratta John Parkes, who supports gay marriage, said he believed a postal vote was “pretty unsatisfactory”.

“I think the process is not ideal and I fear that the level of campaigning will prove very destructive, especially for young LGBTI people and that causes me great concern,” Bishop Parkes said.

redefines marriage, I pray that we treat each other with respect and not resort to emotive or insulting language or behaviour,” Bishop Tomlinson said.

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