Thursday, August 10, 2017

California pastor caught in immigration enforcement net

From CNN-

The Rev. Noe Carias shuffles into the cramped room, his face immediately pleasant upon seeing strangers. He's well practiced in his pastoral craft of comforting parishioners.

But the pastor isn't in ministerial clothes. He sits down, wearing a blue prison uniform. Carias' name is printed on a plastic band attached to his left wrist. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer tells Carias he has 20 minutes before he needs to return to detention.

"I think first my lord, Jesus Christ," says the pastor, "then my wife, my children, my church. I think God is going to make a miracle to release me, set me free from this place."

Carias, 42, is being held at the Adelanto Detention Facility, in California's high desert, for crossing the border illegally in the 1990s.

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