Monday, August 14, 2017

Christians Must Resist White Supremacy

From The Bishop of Western Louisiana-

The nation and the world watched in heartsick disbelief this weekend as white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Waving Nazi flags and raising the Nazi salute, the mob could not have made its racist ideology clearer.
Chillingly, the mob chanted “blood and soil,” a notorious catchphrase of the Third Reich. “Blood” refers to racial distinctions and asserts the superiority of whites over all others. Suppression of non-whites in a struggle for racial dominance is part of this distorted worldview.

“Soil” refers to geographical territory. In other words, those who shout this phrase insist that America is a white nation. They are claiming that whites should inhabit a privileged position politically and economically in the U.S. precisely because of their race.

For Christians, such ideas are appalling. We are all God’s children. In Christ we are all sisters and brothers. Every human being possesses infinite dignity, and it is our right, duty and privilege to respect each person we meet as God’s beloved. Everyone is equal before God. Everyone should be equal under the laws of the land.

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