Friday, August 18, 2017

Vexing times for many S.C. Episcopalians

From South Carolina-

The recent State Supreme Court ruling that The Episcopal Church (TEC) can reclaim 29 of the original 36 breakaway parishes is a stunning and largely unexpected setback for the clergy and congregants of the (Episcopal) Diocese of South Carolina represented by those parishes, which broke away from the national church (The Episcopal Church) in 2012 after years of bitter fighting over scriptural interpretation, governance matters and — yes — the role of openly gay clergy within the church hierarchy.

In a complicated ruling rife with disagreement and decided by the five-member court as it was comprised two years ago (former Chief Justices Toal and Pleicones are no longer on the bench), the essence of the legalities appears to have boiled down to canon law vs civil law — and canon law won.

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