Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Possible Canonization of Major League Ball Player Gains Traction

From Catholic Marketing-

A baseball player may be on the way to becoming a saint. The idea may sound like it is out of left field, but the pitch thrown to Pope Francis by filmmaker Richard Rossi turned out to be an unlikely strike. What about the requirement for a miracle to greenlight the canonization of baseball icon Roberto Clemente beyond beatification? It was met today, according to Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press. He is now declared officially “blessed.”

Olympian Jamie Nieto was paralyzed from the neck down in a backflip accident three years after Rossi’s controversial film “Baseball’s Last Hero” was released. Nieto starred in the lead role of Roberto Clemente. His stellar acting in portraying Clemente’s Christlike decision to give his life to save others caught the pontiff’s attention, inspiring the Clemente canonization campaign. Saturday in El Cajon, CA, Nieto walked 130 steps at his own wedding to fellow Olympian Shevon Stoddart.

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