Sunday, October 29, 2017

Diocesan Leadership on the Lawsuit Against the Bishop and Diocese

From Oregon-

The following statement was originally delivered at the 129th Convention of the Diocese of Oregon and the livestreamed video may be viewed on our Facebook page.

Bishop Michael Hanley

My Friends, I come before you today saddened by the lawsuit filed the other day by a former member of the diocesan staff against the diocese and me personally.

The Episcopal Church takes these matters seriously and these allegations, which first surfaced in 2015, have been investigated throughly by several bodies. These allegations are false. Please know that I have participated fully in all of the proceedings.

The goal of all clergy Title IV proceedings is reconciliation and I continue to hope and to pray for such an outcome.

I now invite The Rev. David Sweeney, Ms. Sharon Rodgers and Mr. Rick Grimshaw to provide further comment.

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Rick Grimshaw, Board of Trustees said...

Thank you for sharing this. I was one of the speakers that Bp. Hanley introduced. Our statements are in the link.