Thursday, November 2, 2017

Proper Dignity to Saints and Souls

From Pray Tell-

There is a common conflation that occurs in churches that spring from the sixteenth century: the collapse of any distinction between the solemnity of All Saints and commemoration that follows, All Souls’ Day. It is common to hear the invitation for people to list names of departed loved one who will be remembered at the liturgy on All Saints’ Day (or Sunday). 

Sometimes this springs from theological reservation, cultivated in reformation objections to indulgences and masses for the dead (while All Saints’ Day remained in the Church of England, All Souls’ disappears from the calendar until the liturgical reforms of the twentieth century). But just as often, this conflation springs from simply confusion. The distinction between these two days, I want to suggest, is not only proper as it concerns the calendar. The distinction is actually pastorally tender and truly life-giving.

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