Friday, November 3, 2017

Some Unique Black Vestments for All Souls Day

From Liturgical Arts Journal-

All Souls Day is a time of the liturgical year when the laudable custom of black vestments comes into particular focus. To mark this liturgical occasion I wished to share some unique, historical black vestments with you today.

The symbolism found on each of these is particularly striking, featuring skeletons, purgatorial fires, even shovels and coffins. Some might, of course, see such symbolism as "macabre" but that reaction seems to me to come from a modern sensibility which wishes to hide away the realities of death. These are not macabre in my estimation, but they are memento mori -- and perhaps the fact that we wish to tuck away such remembrances and realities shows that we are in particular need of being reminded of them today.

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