Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bishops give first glance of their response to #MeToo

From Episcopal Cafe-

At the most recent meeting of the House of Bishops in March, the bishops announced their intention to offer a listening session in response to issues of sexual harassment and misconduct in the church brought to light as part of the #MeToo movement.  In their statement they wrote;

“Many of us have experienced sexual harassment and perhaps sexual violence. Bishops who are women know the “me-too” experience. Some bishops who are men know it as well. We live with different experiences of the cultural endowment of power. We know the Church has fallen short of our responsibility to listen and respond. In this time of heightened awareness it is with greater intention that we now invite the church to a deeper examination of what God intends for our relationships.”

Today, the chair of the planning team tasked with planning and offering that session for listening, Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe (Central New York), offers some insight into the hopes and intentions of the bishops.  Their intent is to engage liturgically with the hurt and brokenness in the church in hopes of making first steps towards healing. Bishop Duncan Probe said that they wanted the church to know that the planning team is “working to ensure integrity in the way people’s sacred stories are heard.”  A more detailed outline of the service should be available soon.

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