Thursday, May 17, 2018

How Meghan Markle Is Making the Church of England Great Again

From The Standard-

But Curry, the Episcopal Church’s first African-American leader, will get the most screen time of the presiding clergymen at Saturday’s service. And he’ll bring his popular and appealingly open-hearted ecclesial brand. The charismatic former bishop of North Carolina, Curry’s a far cry from the academic, old-style Anglicans to whom English aristocrats are accustomed.

A 2012 sermon of Curry’s went viral, by Episcopal Church standards anyway, when he proclaimed, “We need some crazy Christians!” Jesus’s contemporaries thought he was crazy, “Those who would follow in his footsteps, those who would be his disciples, are called and summoned and challenged to be just as crazy as Jesus.” That sermon became a book, and the bishop of North Carolina became the bishop of the whole country.

He’s the perfect choice for the Harry-Meghan nuptials, an event already full of “firsts” for the royal family: The fact that Canterbury baptized and confirmed Markle so recently reflects another notable break between her and everything the English royals have ever done before, noted veteran religion writer Richard Ostling. Curry’s presence, he added, further “underscores the fact that this is not your typical royal wedding.”

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