Friday, May 18, 2018

That Blacks Are Leaving White Churches Should Surprise Nobody. Here is What to do About It

From Texas-

n America, it is easy to forget. At a political moment when black evangelicals leaving white controlled churches is headline news, it is important to remember this. In fact, it has happened before, over and over again. It is more than a political moment. It is a historical pattern.

This matters because the majority of white Christians still believe their churches are open to nonwhites. Yet, as black members leave once again, it is obvious that many feel otherwise.

If this pattern is ever going to change, white churches have to acknowledge racial history. They have to understand why blacks have left white churches and why they continue to do so. 

For example, Richard Allen, a freed slave, attended St. George’s Methodist Church in Philadelphia from 1786 to 1792. He would have stayed longer, but white members wouldn’t let him. During the middle of a service, they dragged Allen and fellow Methodist preacher Absalom Jones, also a former slave, from the whites-only seating to the back of the church. 

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