Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Brazilian Anglicans committed to authority of Bible launch new denomination

From Brazil-

A group of Anglican churches in Brazil have formed a new denomination in the country, thirteen years after they left the Episcopal Church (IEAB), the 19th province of the Anglican Communion.

 The launch of the new denomination Anglican Church in Brazil was celebrated on May 12 in a church near the city of Recife. Rev. Miguel Uchoa Cavalcanti was installed as the first Archbishop and Primate of the denomination. During the celebration, the Archbishop Greg Venables, Primate of South America, greeted the new denomination in a video message.   

ANGLICAN DIVISION AS PRO-LGBT POLICIES WERE IMPLEMENTED In 2005, the former Bishop of Recife “and ninety percent of the clergy of the diocese were excommunicated by the liberal Episcopal Church of Brazil”, according to a statement issued by Gafcon. A clash around Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality emerged as the national Episcopal Church increasingly supported pro-LGBT policies.

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