Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dean of Taranaki Anglican Cathedral resigns after a month

From New Zealand-

The Dean of Taranaki's Anglican Cathedral has resigned after only a month in the post.

The Very Reverend Ross Falconer was appointed as Dean of the Taranaki Cathedral of St Mary in April, and had planned to hold the role until the end of the year while the Anglican Church looked for a permanent dean.

However, Archbishop Phillip Richardson announced on Sunday that Falconer was resigning.

"When Ross came to see me to say that he intended to resign he was very clear that after a month of looking closely at the needs of cathedral life he had come to the view that the skill set required was different from what he could offer, and felt it best to say that sooner rather than later," Richardson said in an email.

"Ross is hugely experienced and I trust his judgement."

This resignation has comes within weeks of the Anglican Church's controversial announcement that bishops could now bless same-sex relationships.

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