Friday, June 1, 2018

Gay cleric in running for Brechin position

From Scotland-

Jeffrey John was the first priest in an openly same-sex relationship to be nominated as a bishop in the Church of England.

Mr John, who is currently the dean of St Albans, has been up for seven previous diocese positions, but each role went to someone else, leading him to make claims of homophobia within the church.

Similarly to other candidates for the Brechin post, Mr John is not allowed to comment ahead of the selection. However, he has previously said his failure to be shortlisted for a Welsh post was “directly related to my homosexuality and/or civil partnership”.

He was favourite to be selected as bishop of Llandaff, but was subjected to a “number of homophobic remarks” during the appointment process before being rejected by bishops, he said.

Episcopalians are looking to replace Nigel Peyton, who retired as bishop of Brechin in July of last year. The church has seven dioceses with Brechin covering Angus and Dundee.

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