Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nigeria needs cleansing, says Anglican Bishop

From Nigeria-

The Diocesan, Diocese of Ibadan, Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Joseph Akinfenwa has warned the Federal Government not to take the continued silence of the people over the worsening situation in the country for granted, saying such may be a sign of worse thing to come.

The cleric who traced the history of a similar situation to Ghana noted that the revolution that it led to is also what is required in Nigeria if the country must come alive again.

Bishop Akinfenwa spoke during a sermon at The Cathedral of St. James The Great, Oke-Bola, Ibadan during a special service to commemorate the beginning of the church.

He was outspoken in condemning the various injustices and inequality across the land and the “uncaring way with which the case of security is being handled by the security agencies, which has led to increasing loss of lives across various parts of the country.”

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