Monday, August 4, 2008

Commentary: rebellion in the Church's ranks

London Times Commentary on the results of Lambeth -

"But not all Anglicans like success. Their gospel is the Christ-like one of victory through defeat, preferably crucifixion. In response to his failure to have a good public row and bring about schism, Dr Williams is facing rebellion within the ranks, although all done with the nicest of English smiles, a handshake or two and the Christian "sign of the peace". Some bishops believe a £5 million-plus conference with a deficit of up to £2 million was a waste of money. These bishops, many of them senior, are beginning to circulate some Anglican "whispers of discontent" about the leadership of Dr Williams. They have even begun speaking of another diocesan, a thrusting, youngish, photogenic evangelical, who might be suited to take his place."

Thrusting ? I wonder who that could be ? Well the whole thing is here .

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