Sunday, August 3, 2008

Report on Rowan's Final Address

London Times on the end of the Lambeth Conference. Susan Russell (hysterical gay activist) chimes in with her two cents and Bishop Venables continues to poach-

"However, early indications from other provinces in Africa and Asia are that the illicit consecrations will continue. In addition, Bishop Gregory Venables, the Primate of the Southern Cone, who has taken an entire US diocese into his province, is expected to continue poaching conservative parishes and dioceses from the US. Liberals in the US are determined to fight the moratorium on gay consecrations and same-sex blessings agreed by the Episcopal Church’s convention two years ago.
The Rev Susan Russell, of the gay lobby group Integrity, said: “It is not going to change anything on the ground in California. We bless same-sex relationships and will continue to do so.”"

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