Monday, October 20, 2008

Church move in the works- LA

A report on saving an historic church in Los Angeles. Abandoned because it was too small. Why they would have two Bishop's chairs is beyond me. Most of us find one to be plenty.

The 1884 structure - San Pedro's first house of worship that housed St. Peter's Episcopal Church - has not been used in years and has fallen prey to vandals and thieves. It sits isolated in the largely abandoned Harbor View Cemetery at 24th Street and Grand Avenue.

After moving into their new campus on Ninth Street, the St. Peter's congregation signed the care of the old church building over to the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.
But city officials have been unable to properly secure and care for the old church, to the distress of congregation members and local historians.

It's been the target of repeated break-ins, thefts and vandalism. Several items of furnishing have been stolen from the church over the years, but the original pews and other items remain intact.

Among the missing items: two bishops' chairs, the lectern, an ornate candelabra, a 5-foot-tall carved angel, the wooden figure of Christ that once adorned the pulpit and a cross that was hacked from the wooden altar.

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Beryl Simkins said...

What a beautiful old church! Some of us in the diocese of San Joaquin who now find ourselves without a building would love to have a building like that. And we would give it loving care!

Anonymous said...

This is the miracle of twentieth century that we are seeing. During the early days of humanity peoples moved from one place to another and moved there houses. But moving of these kinds of heavy structures are only seeing in recent times. technology has made us to do many miracles.
I also once moved my house which was performed by wolfe you can see its pictures on their site. I moved it to preserve it from sea storms