Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PBS to feature U2charist and other local aid efforts in York

From the New Hampshire coast -

"Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" will feature St. George's Episcopal Church as part of an upcoming episode examining faith and humanitarian aid in the United States. The PBS program took interest after learning about the church's U2charist — a communion service featuring the music from the Irish rock band U2, dancing, and a call to help end global poverty — and the work of York residents Tom and Jane Sweeney. The Sweeneys recently returned from Ethiopia where they adopted their 6-month-old son Gus.

"We were looking for places that illustrate how people of faith help out people all over the world," said Kim Lawton, managing editor of "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly."

"The rector here put us in touch with a family here that has been very involved in outreach and we thought they would be great illustrations for the story," she said.

When first contacted about the television interview, Sweeney was excited about the opportunity to spread the message about global outreach.

"I think it's important to get the word out, and this is one avenue for us to do that," she said. "The extreme poverty in this world is just not necessary, and we can make an impact on that by just one person doing one thing. Our thing was to adopt Gus."

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