Friday, October 24, 2008

Executive Council Responds to San Joaquin and Pittsburgh

Episcopal News Service on Executive Council (General Convention at rest) responding to the situation in the two remnant Dioceses.

During the closing sessions of its four-day meeting in Helena, the seat of the Diocese of Montana, the council passed four resolutions that speak to various aspects of its commitment to the new leadership of the dioceses of Pittsburgh and San Joaquin, as well as to other "similarly situated dioceses."

* Agreed (via Resolution A&F075) to make available up to $700,000 in 2009 for clergy salaries and other expenses in San Joaquin and other similarly situated dioceses, joined the Presiding Bishop in recognizing the current members of the San Joaquin and Pittsburgh standing committees; and "commend[ed] the work of all those involved in supporting the efforts by Dioceses to exercise their pastoral and fiduciary responsibilities in regard to the ownership of properties and funds."

* Recognized (via Resolution NAC039) "the extraordinary challenges" presented by the departure of the bishops and numerous clergy and laity in San Joaquin and Pittsburgh; commended Jefferts Schori, Anderson, and the staff of the Episcopal Church Center for the "pastoral care and support offered the clergy and people of those dioceses as they work to restructure their dioceses in order to continue to minister to the Episcopal Church in their areas;" supported the depositions of William Cox, John-David Schofield and Robert M. Duncan; and commended Jefferts Schori's request that Episcopalians to pray for all persons departing or remaining in those dioceses and for God to "lead us to new paths of reconciliation and common mission."

* Committed (via Resolution CIM035) to "being proactive in assisting dioceses whose leadership has chosen to leave the Episcopal Church" including asking the presiding officers appoint a strategy response team to assess needs, determine appropriate responses, report to council; and to meet with diocesan leaders and other interested persons in the Diocese of San Joaquin during the council's January 30-February 2 sessions in Stockton, California.

* Expressed (via Resolution NAC042) a desire to seek reconciliation with those who have left the Episcopal Church.

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