Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Local congregation finds new hope

South Dakota moves to make sure another parish is secure

A New Hope

This year, meeting places for the congregation varied between the FIS Chapel and Eastman Hall. Just when its members started to lose hope in ever having their own facility again, and wondering what to do with the windows, Barnhardt gave them the good news.

“He just said to me, 'how would you like a church to worship in?'” said Margo Zephier, senior warden of lay ministry of the Episcopal Church of Flandreau.

By way of an anonymous donation of $35,000, a United Thank Offering grant of $15,000 and a $50,000 loan taken out by the Episcopal Diocese, a new church facility is being built for the small, hopeful congregation. And in other good news, The Rev. Charlie King was appointed to serve St. Mary's in a permanent basis, the first permanent minister that the church has seen in four years. In another bit of good news for the congregation, all seven of the refurbished windows from the old facility will be used in the construction of the new facility. And Barnhardt promised the congregation that it would have its facility in time for Christmas Eve services.

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