Thursday, October 23, 2008

Covenant Design Group publishes Lambeth Commentary; provinces have until March 2009 to respond

The Covenant is coming. The Windsor process is moving onward.

The Covenant Design Group has published a document "which sets out the responses of the bishops at the Lambeth Conference in their discussions of the St. Andrew's Draft for an Anglican covenant," an October 22 news release from the Anglican Communion Office announced.

The 33-page Lambeth Commentary, compiled at the Covenant Design Group's recent meeting in Singapore, has been sent to all 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion "to assist in their discernment and response to the St. Andrew's Draft," the news release said.

The provinces have until March 9, 2009 to respond to the St. Andrew's Draft, which will also be sent -- along with the Lambeth Commentary -- to ecumenical partners of the Anglican Communion, inviting their reflections and responses.

The Covenant Design Group says it hopes that the Lambeth Commentary "will stand alongside the St. Andrew's Draft as a critique and as a stimulus for study and response. We are grateful to the bishops at the Lambeth Conference for the honesty and wisdom of their responses, and the opportunity that it has given us to address some commonly voiced concerns."

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