Thursday, May 21, 2009

'Battle won, war not ended,' says Sri Lankan bishop

From the Anglican Journal in Canada. (And I thought the Hmong had great hats!)

Sri Lankan church leaders say the end of the country’s 26-year civil war announced by the government is a signal to address grievances and to ensure citizens from all ethnic and religious groups can feel proud of their nation.

The island nation's President Mahinda Rajapaksa on May 19 declared the end of the bloody and protracted civil war, in which fighters seeking autonomy for the country's minority Tamil population introduced to the world the concept of suicide bombers with explosives strapped to their bodies.

Anglican Bishop Duleep de Chickera said, “We must become a nation in which every woman, man and child, regardless of religion or ethnicity is made to feel equal, free and proud to call themselves Sri Lankan. Now is the time … to take prayerful, purposeful and collective steps towards an integrated, united and just Sri Lanka that has eluded us for decades.”

The process, Bishop Chickera said, "must begin with our children, and in our schools, [Buddhist] temples, kovils [Hindu temples], mosques and churches."

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