Saturday, May 23, 2009

Episcopal bishop to visit the Gulf Coast

Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori is no stranger to headlines.

The first female presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, she has shepherded the United States' branch of the Anglican Communion during days of controversy.

Chief pastor of the Episcopal Church's 2.4 million members in 16 countries and 110 dioceses, she's also the author of "A Wing and a Prayer" and former bishop of Nevada.

Still, many may know Jefferts Schori simply as a name. Perhaps a photograph. Maybe a statement.

Next weekend, Gulf Coast residents will have the opportunity to get to know her as a person.

Invited by Bishop Philip M. Duncan II of the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast,

Jefferts Schori is visiting diocesan agencies and parishes May 29-31.

"She's coming down just to get to know our people and for our people to get to know her," said the Rev. Albert Kennington, coordinator for the presiding bishop's visit here.

"She is not coming here to deal with national and international issues. That's not what this visit is about," Kennington said.

"What I hope will come out of this is that number one, people will get to know her better, she gets to know us better. That we become human beings to each other in a way that it's all title and photographs now," he said.

"And I would also hope that when we get back into the next controversy -- whatever it's about, it will come -- that maybe there's a memory that this is a disagreement among real people and real friends and not its and images."

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