Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A statement by The Rt. Rev. Barry Beisner, Bishop of Northern California

Regarding Consent to the Election of Kevin Thew Forrester
as Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Michigan:

I have waited until very late in the consent process to finalize my decision. In part this is because it has been a complex and challenging matter, with many questions –procedural, canonical, theological, ecclesiastical, etc.— involved, and with many layers to each question. In addition, there has been considerable confusion as to just what the facts are; Kevin’s actual views and actions weighed heavily in the decision before me. And so I have utilized all of the time available to me to complete this decision, reading the relevant documents, consulting with fellow bishops, and discussing the matter with our Standing Committee –who, after our discussion on April 17, voted to withhold consent.

I sympathized with that decision but took additional time to speak with Kevin personally, to read some further material from him that he did not publish until the following week. Throughout this time, my constant prayer has been for right discernment for all involved.

I have great respect for Kevin, and great regard for the Diocese of Northern Michigan. It saddens me greatly, therefore, to tell you that I am unable to consent to this election. As I have said, many issues have been raised; I will name only one: Kevin’s revision of our liturgy of Holy Baptism.

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