Monday, May 18, 2009

Bishop calls for MPs to be sacked

The Right Reverend Jonathan Gledhill spoke out as he joined fellow Church of England bishops to urge people to vote in the European elections.

He said he had been "absolutely scandalised" by some of the stories which had come out.
But he added most MPs had not been fiddling their expenses and people should not be put off from voting.

He said: "I've felt like I don't want to vote either, or at least I don't know how to vote.
"But then, when you step back a bit, you realise the vast majority of MPs have not been fiddling their expenses and we must be careful not to bring down the whole democratic system."
He urged people to keep using their vote "so we can insist that all the decent and honest MPs reform and clarify their expenses system".

The Lichfield diocese covers Staffordshire, most of Shropshire and part of the Black Country and West Midlands.

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