Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Stuf in TEC: Colorado

Potatoes for the People

When the Basalt Episcopal Church decided to help feed families in need, members of the congregation decided against simply handing over a check or dry goods to a food bank. They wanted to grow what they give.

So members of St. Peter’s of the Valley plowed up the back yard of their church in Elk Run this spring, and on Sunday they planted 50 pounds of the Red McClure potato, a variety that nearly disappeared decades after being developed in the Carbondale area early in the 20th century.

Rev. Margaret Austin said the parish wanted to provide something that every family can use.

“What’s more basic and a staple than potatoes?” she asked.

Parish members Lynne Mace and Sissy Sutro, who share a love of gardening, coordinated the program. Sutro organized a community garden in the back yard of St. Peter’s last year and wanted to revive the effort this year. Mace, who recently joined the congregation, raised the prospect of using the plots to grow food for Roaring Fork families in need. Sutro and Austin loved the concept, and “Potatoes for the People” — as Mace dubbed it — was born.

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