Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Anglican Communion falters, again

From The London Guardian-

Another crack has appeared in the Anglican Communion. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has proposed that dissident Anglicans be sidelined on an important doctrinal committee, and that they not be allowed to represent Anglican views to other churches.

Williams is responding to the consecration of the American bishop Mary Glasspool, who is openly lesbian. The act is in breach of moratoria that Williams supports. However, what is not clear is whether liberal Americans will be singled out for punishment. African bishops have also breached the moratoria, by consecrating bishops to administer to conservative congregations in the US. The defence the African bishops gave was that they were only responding to requests from the US to do so. And exactly the same defence could be offered with respect to Glasspool's consecration: she was elected to office by her parishioners.

William's letter says: "Particular provinces will be contacted about the outworking of this in the near future." If only liberal provinces are contacted, Williams will be accused of unfairness, something he has been accused of before.

His broader wish is that Anglicans be more generous towards those with whom they differ by sacrificing what they see as their duty or rights. It's a laudable aspiration if you are a Christian, but it has consequences. It leads to what Williams has previously called a "tragic" response to the world – the tragedy arising from the inevitable conflict over what people regard as the right thing to do.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Bishop Rowan Douglas Williams and Bishop Mary Douglas Glasspool have a lot in common they are both Bishops related to The Anglican´s time that Bishop Rowan stops thinking so much about difference and starts believing in similarities amongst the people of God...afterall Dr. Williams, we´ve ALWAYS been right next to you at Church and everyday sorry that fear,hate, greed and prejudice (not to mention your sense of propriety) have taken YOUR eyes of the´s not too late, +Rowan, STOP THE NONSENSE and the POLITICING! Stop it Now and START addressing the vile acts of exclusion, persecution, outcasting and the initiating of hate crimes in Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria, Central Africa and other LGBT blooddrenched Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Mil Gracias