Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geneseo rector is ready for new test in Alaska

From New York (upstate)-

The Episcopal Diocese of Alaska covers roughly 600,000 square miles, but it's home to about as many churches as the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

Getting around to those churches is no easy task. More than half of Alaska's parishes aren't accessible by road, said Suzanne Krull, an administrator with the diocese.

"The only way to get to them is to fly," she said. "Before airplanes, it was dog teams."

Mark Lattime, Alaska's newly elected bishop, might have a way to address those problems.

A certified pilot, Lattime, the rector of St. Michael Episcopal Church in Geneseo the past 10 years, wants to fly himself to Alaska's many remote parishes. Doing so, he said, would help reduce costs and make him more effective.

"I know the diocese will need to talk about what it will mean for me to fly," said Lattime, a 1984 Fairport High School graduate. "I would have a lot more training and a lot more to do before I start taking off to some of the remote villages on my own."

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