Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ruling may lead to Penn Township church schism

Lest you think only the mainline denominations are in court...From the Pittsburgh tribune Review.

The future of a Penn Township church is in doubt after a Westmoreland County judge Tuesday permanently reinstated four elders to its board of directors.

Pastor Roy Aiken Jr. said the court ruling could lead his faction of the Christian Fellowship Center of Greensburg to leave and form its own church.

"We'll see," Aiken said after the announcement by Judge Anthony Marsili, who ruled that four votes, two taken in November and two more in January, to remove a total of four elders, were invalid.

Aiken and a group of supporters sought the removal of two elders, William Grassel and Frank Ring, for being quarrelsome and for not speaking in tongues, which is a special religious language required to serve on the board, according to the church's bylaws.

That group claimed the dispute went beyond religion and personality and involved church finances.

In January, Ring and Grassel pushed through the removal of two of Aiken's supporters on the board. For a short time the church, which counts about 100 families as members and owns 103 acres in Penn Township, was run by two warring boards.

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