Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A translation project launched by a St. Paul church will end up serving Hmong worshippers the world over.

From Minnesota-

It's a story that loses a lot in translation: Holy Apostles Episcopal Church in St. Paul is working on a Hmong version of the Book of Common Prayer. This simple-sounding endeavor goes far beyond just replacing one word with another.

It's a story about a church that was in danger of dying joining forces with a culture that was worried about the same thing. It's a story about finding just the right words in a language that didn't even exist in written form until the 1950s. It's a story about a book from a St. Paul neighborhood that will spread around the world.

Five years in the making, the first Hmong translation of the most important book in the Episcopalian service might be completed by fall.

"That's our dream, anyway," said the Rev. William Bulson, the man overseeing the project. "It's really time-consuming work."

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