Friday, June 4, 2010

Rwandan archbishop tackles medical and spiritual agenda

From Canadian Christianity-

"THE FUTURE depends on how we listen to God and to each other," Emmanuel Kolini told

The Anglican Archbishop of Rwanda was in Canada in late May to address the AIDS crisis in Africa and the unity crisis in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Help for AIDS victims

Kolini stopped first in Ontario, where he was one of the speakers at a conference called 'HIV-AIDS and the Churches: Responses to the Pandemic in Africa and Canada,' held May 14-15 at The Centre for Public Theology at Huron University College.

Huron is a college with Anglican roots, affiliated with the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London.

Kolini also consulted with officials at UWO on its Western Heads East (WHE) project. The program trains African women to develop community kitchens, and to make available a probiotic yogurt developed by UWO faculty members. The yogurt boosts the immune system and improves the health of those with AIDS, and may even help to lower infection rates.

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