Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anglican bishop shops for parishioners on street

From Canada-

Anglican Bishop Sue Moxley is determined to get more people into church, even if she has to go out and get them.

Moxley, leader of the Anglican church in Nova Scotia and P.E.I., handed out invitations to passersby on the Halifax waterfront Wednesday morning. In full bishop's regalia, she certainly stood out.

Moxley is hoping to attract the attention of people who've never been to church, as well as former parishioners.

"Lots of people have said, 'Oh, I used to go, I just got out of the habit.' So this is a way to kind of say come back and try it again," she told CBC News.

"What some people remember as boring and tiresome is now quite lively and energetic. So a number of people need a chance to see what the new church looks like."

The church made headlines earlier this month when it blessed BlackBerry, laptops and other gadgets.

The blessing at St. Timothy's Anglican Church in Hatchet Lake, near Halifax, was a modern take on Plough Monday, where parishioners of old brought their farming tools in to be blessed.

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