Thursday, September 23, 2010

Episcopal bishops visit Douglas

From Arizona-

On the evening of Tuesday, September 14, about 40 bishops from all over the country gathered at St. Stephens Episcopal Church to hear different perspectives from community members about immigration issues. More than 80 special guests made it to the meeting.

Bishops were in Douglas and Agua Prieta for three days to gather information on the border situation before holding a regular session of bishops in Phoenix, at the House of Bishops, September 16-21. During that meeting, they will make a national agreement and take action on immigration issues.

Among special guests were Douglas Police Department Chief Alberto Melis; Dr. Heidi Lodge, physician from SAMC; Border Patrol Tucson sector Chief Victor Manjarrez; local rancher Guy Hudson; Rev. Mark Adams, U.S coordinator for Frontera de Cristo, and Border Action Network executive director, Jennifer Allen.

Speakers spoke about what they do and the kind of challenges they face every day concerning immigration and the border.

Chief Melis said regardless of their appearance, if someone is assaulted or domestic assaulted for example, he doesn’t ask for papers.

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