Thursday, September 23, 2010

SOUTH CAROLINA: Group asks church leadership for investigation

From ELO- (with links)

Members of an Episcopal Church advocacy group in the Diocese of South Carolina have asked the church's leadership to "investigate" a series of actions which they say "are accelerating the process of alienation and disassociation" of the diocese from the Episcopal Church.
The Episcopal Forum of South Carolina Sept. 22 sent a five-page letter to Executive Council and the House of Bishops that lists a series of what are called "recent actions and inactions on the part of the diocesan leadership and leaders in parishes and missions within the diocese."

In one such instance, the letter says the diocese has "taken no disciplinary measures or legal action" against the leaders of St. Andrew's Church, Mt. Pleasant, since they claimed in March to have led the parish out of the Episcopal Church.

The letter says that the diocese and more than half of its 44 parishes have removed references to the Episcopal Church from their names and websites, and that some list links to breakaway Anglican organizations.

The letter also lists past diocesan convention actions as well as the six proposed resolutions the diocese will consider on Oct. 15.

The diocese has said that each of the six proposed resolutions "represents an essential element of how we protect the diocese from any attempt at un-constitutional intrusions into our corporate life in South Carolina." That explanation also said that the resolutions come in response to the General Convention's 2009 passage of revised Title IV canons on clergy discipline, which were approved (via Resolution A185).

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