Monday, September 20, 2010

In a perilous time, president returns to a personal tone

From The LA Times-

An old cast of characters will appear in President Obama's speeches throughout the rest of the political season and beyond, an array of figures like his war veteran grandfather, his resourceful single mother and his physically disabled yet triumphant father-in-law.

Also appearing will be Barack Obama himself — not just the president intent on explaining his policies and plans, but also the man who introduced himself and his life story to Americans two years ago.

It's a subtle shift for White House message makers as they begin working more of the president's personal reflections into his speeches and appearances.

The strategy reflects an acknowledgement that the historic voter coalition that elected Obama in 2008 has frayed as his approval ratings have sagged. At the same time, as he spends more of his public time explaining national policies and problems, critics have moved in to try to define his personal story line, perhaps stoking unfounded suspicions that he is a Muslim or is not American-born, aides feel.

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