Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bishop's return puts church in a quandary

From The Philadelphia Inquirer-

The pews were filling at Boothwyn's Trinity Episcopal Church last Sunday when the rector and vicar found themselves in a quandary.

Bishop Charles E. Bennison Jr. was making his first parish visit in the Diocese of Pennsylvania since 2007, when he was suspended for ignoring his brother's sex abuse of a teen girl decades ago. Acquitted by a church appeals court over the summer, he was back in charge.

Minutes before Bennison was to process into the sanctuary, the two priests lugged the oak bishop's chair across the chancel and placed it at the bottom of the altar steps.

They studied it, exchanged whispers, then hoisted it up the stairs to the altar.

Again they studied it, scratched their heads, and carried it back down.

The scene was emblematic of the question vexing many in the Episcopal Church:

Where does Bishop Bennison belong?

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