Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Candidates for Anglican Bishop issue messages of unity

From Bermuda-

Two men vying for the position of Bishop of the Anglican Church of Bermuda last night detailed their vision of the future for the church.

Archdeacon Andrew Doughty and Rev Nicholas Dill both said they would work to unify the church and encourage it to grow if elected to the post next month.

Both candidates spoke and answered questions at St Anne’s Church in Southampton during the first of three scheduled public meetings.

Speaking first, Archdeacon Doughty said the church must be more “Bermudianised,” but not at the cost of its international membership.

“It’s not about saying to non-Bermudians ‘Thank you very much, good bye’,” he said. “I believe it’s about saying to Bermudians that it’s time you matured, to grow up and take full responsibility of our future.”

He also said that the church should be an inclusive community for all, where people can be welcomed regardless of their history, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Questioned directly on his thoughts on sexual orientation, he said that the issue is an emotive one, but said: “It’s about supporting relationships. It’s about understanding that God wants his people to be happy.

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