Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Witch doctor arrested in rhino plot

From South Africa-

On the use of muti by suspected criminals, Roux said it was not isolated to this case. It had been mentioned in other crimes, including ATM bombings, where criminals had approached traditional healers to help them avoid detection and harm.

During the Marikana strike where 34 miners were shot dead in August, it has been claimed that some of the miners may have consumed muti from a traditional healer, which they believed would make them invincible and shield them from police bullets.

However, Pretoria’s Anglican bishop, Johannes Seoka, giving evidence at the Farlam Commission into the tragedy, said the miners had not expected that rituals performed prior to the shooting would protect them from police bullets.

“Claims about the use of muti to protect workers against bullets... that’s nonsense,” he said.

“You are making black people out to be stupid. They are not stupid.”

Expressing his shock at the latest case, Sazi Mhlongo, an inyanga and president of the Kwazulu-Natal Traditional Healers Association, said the suspect was probably a witch doctor and not a traditional healer as he claimed.

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