Friday, January 18, 2013

It was unfair to ban worker’s cross, says European Court

From The Church Times, England-

CHRISTIANS have a fundamental right to manifest their belief in the workplace, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled, in a landmark judgment in Strasbourg on Tuesday. Also, national courts must ensure that a "fair balance" is struck when asked to adjudicate claims involving competing rights.

The European Court has rejected the British Government's contention that no discrimination existed if employees had the right to resign and seek alternative employment ( News, 7 September 2012).

Instead, it states: "Given the importance in a democratic society of freedom of religion, the Court considers that, where an individual complains of a restriction on freedom of religion in the workplace, rather than holding that the possibility of changing job would negate any interference with the right, the better approach would be to weigh that possibility in the overall balance when considering whether or not the restriction was proportionate."

The Court also rules that people alleging an infringement of their right to manifest their belief are not required to show that the particular act - such as wearing a cross - is the "fulfilment of a duty mandated by the religion in question. . .

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